About Us

Almaya Holding, a dynamic and diversified organization founded in Turkey, has positioned itself as a prominent player in various industries, showcasing versatility and excellence across sectors. Established with a commitment to excellence, the holding company operates in the following key sectors:

Medical Textile:
Almaya Holding has made significant strides in the medical textile industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality, the company produces a wide range of medical textiles designed to meet the stringent standards of the healthcare sector. From surgical gowns to innovative medical fabrics, Almaya Holding contributes to the advancement of medical care.

Hotel and Home Textile:
With a keen understanding of the hospitality and home decor markets, Almaya Holding has established itself as a reliable source for premium textiles. The company offers a diverse array of products, ranging from luxurious hotel linens to stylish home textiles. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are hallmarks of their textile offerings, catering to the sophisticated tastes of both the hospitality industry and discerning homeowners.

Defense Industry:
Almaya Holding extends its influence into the defense industry, contributing to national security and technological advancements. The company engages in the development and production of defense-related products, fostering innovation and ensuring the highest standards of quality in this critical sector.

International Legal Consultancy:
In addition to its tangible product-based ventures, Almaya Holding has a strong presence in the realm of international legal consultancy. Leveraging a team of skilled legal professionals, the company provides comprehensive legal services to clients navigating the complexities of international business and trade. This includes legal advice, dispute resolution, and compliance services tailored to meet the global demands of modern businesses.

Almaya Holding’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical business practices has enabled it to carve a niche for itself in the Turkish business landscape. The holding company continues to evolve, driven by a vision to excel in diverse industries and contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the region.


At Almaya Holding, we aspire to be globally recognized as a pioneer, fostering continuous innovation and excellence. We aim to lead in our industries, champion sustainability, add value to communities, and strive to become a respected global brand by focusing on the development of our employees.


Our commitment at Almaya Holding is to provide quality products and services, adding value to our customers, partners, and societies. In the fields of medical textile, hotel and home textile, defense industry, and international legal consultancy, we operate with a foundation built on innovation, sustainability, and ethical values. As a reliable business partner and a societal stakeholder, we actively contribute to the betterment of communities. Additionally, by prioritizing the continuous development of our employees and embracing industry best practices, we aim to maintain a leadership position in our sectors.

This vision and mission statement is crafted on the principles of Almaya Holding’s values, business ethics, and commitment to society, aiming to establish a robust foundation for sustainable growth and success.

We produce for the whole